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Our student programs are ideal for talented, bright and passionate young professionals who like a challenge. We focus on development through financial training, on the desk experience and mentoring by senior team members who are the best in the business.

How to Join

  • Research PJT and the broader industry to understand each firm’s unique culture and values
  • Check out our latest Investor Deck
  • Attend on-campus or virtual events to learn more about our company
  • If applicable, apply to attend diversity programs and events including insight programs and roundtables
  • Get to know our people through coffee chats, events or alumni networks
  • PJT recruiters and professionals will review applications and make interview selections
  • We select well-rounded candidates who have strong and interesting academic backgrounds, have demonstrated curiosity, and have made an effort to expand their knowledge in finance through classes, extracurricular activities or prior experience

PJT has a structured interview process which aims to assess aptitude and potential. Our questions will test your broad industry understanding and interest, corporate finance fundamentals and behavioral competencies. Exact interview structure will vary slightly by group and location

Successful candidates exhibit strong potential across a range of attributes that predict success in the role


  • How do I apply?

    • Please submit an application via our careers page here. Documents should be submitted in PDF format.

    • Suited Assessment: A required component of the application is completing a Suited Assessment which is linked in the job description and here. Suited is an A.I. powered, assessment driven recruiting platform which allows us to more accurately and equitably discover a candidate’s raw potential and factors beyond the resume. Instead of relying on information that can be found on a standard resume, Suited measures traits and characteristics that can be better predictors of success. Learn more about Suited here.

  • When do I apply?

    • US: Applications for our Summer Analyst Program generally open in the spring of the year prior to the program and close before the summer. Applications for our Summer Associate Program will open early fall of the year prior to the program and close in December. Please view our internship program page to learn more about application dates.

    • Europe: Applications for our Summer Analyst Program open in August of the year prior to the program and close in October. Applications for our Off-Cycle Program open either in winter for a September start date or August for a January start date. All opportunities will be posted on our careers page ahead of time.

    • Global Full-Time Analyst and Associate Programs: We typically hire a majority of the class from our internship programs. Occasionally we hire additional candidates to fill our Full-Time class. Applications are posted in early August with interviews in August and September.

  • Who is eligible?

    • US & Europe: Eligible candidates for our global Summer Analyst and Summer Associate Programs are penultimate year students who have one academic year left following the intern program. In Europe, we also welcome recent graduates to apply for an internship.

  • How many Summer and Off-Cycle Interns does PJT hire and how many receive a full-time return offer?

    • The size of the class varies by business, and hiring is subject to change year-over-year in all of our offices. We do not have a set number of new hires and have flexibility depending on the quality of applicants and hiring needs. Our summer intern class is sized to ensure we have a talent pipeline that can meet the needs of our anticipated full-time headcount, and therefore, everyone is eligible for a full-time offer depending on their performance during the internship. This applies for all our locations.

  • Does PJT offer additional programming for underrepresented candidates?

    • US and Europe: We offer early insight programs and events for diverse candidates seeking to learn more about the firm. The programs provide insight into our culture, the role of an analyst or associate, as well as an opportunity to network with professionals across the firm at all levels.

  • Does PJT sponsor visas for international students?

    • We encourage all candidates to apply and handle visa sponsorships on a case-by-case basis. This applies to all of our offices.

  • Is there a placement process for the Summer Analyst/Associate Programs?

    • No, these are Generalist Programs.

Other questions?

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