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At PJT Partners, we thrive on solving complex and important challenges. If you enjoy both critical and creative thinking, consider exploring a career at PJT.

  1. Where Top Talent Finds a Home

    We didn't start a new firm just to act like an old firm. At PJT, everything is built around your results.

    We offer opportunities for those who know how to solve the toughest problems. Those who are life-long learners and life-long teachers. Those who form lasting relationships with both clients and peers. And those who use creativity and a spark of ingenuity to solve even the most complex issues.

    If you're up for a challenge, consider exploring a career at PJT.

The Values We Value

  1. Character

    The defining characteristic of any person is integrity. So each of us at PJT is "reputation-first." Our positive contributions are built on positive actions.

  2. Collaboration

    As we learn, we also teach. Working together, learning together, and challenging each other is a constant. A constant source of strength, growth and thoughtful innovation.

  3. Content

    All our employees have deep and differentiated expertise in their fields. Their unique experience can lead to unexpected--and unexpectedly effective--solutions for our clients. Knowledge is more than power. It's the power to think differently.

  4. Partnership

    There's no 'us' and 'them' at PJT. We work to earn trust from the people we work with and the clients we work for. Trust and the results that are born from trust are where reputations are made and success is built.