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Experienced Professionals

It’s pretty simple. The best people attract the best clients and the best clients attract the best people. That’s how you build a franchise that not only lasts but also stands for something.

People at all levels, from all backgrounds, choose to join PJT because we’re different. We offer the best of an established firm with the energy of an entrepreneurial firm. Advice is what we do and your contribution makes a difference. PJT is a firm that keeps its talent because its talent keeps growing.

Never Stop Growing

  1. Because we're looking for life-long learners, PJT offers ongoing training and development opportunities that can help hone your technical savvy, client communication skills and leadership capabilities.

  2. Growth and development also happen during the day-to-day of the job, not just from formal programmed efforts. We prioritize day-to-day connections, mentorship and culture at every level. These vital efforts are who we are.

  3. Development is reinforced by our review processes, which are designed to encourage high-quality and honest feedback. This allows us to reward people both on their commercial contributions and their adherence to our values.

Hire and Higher

  1. Interviewing for Fit

    We place great emphasis on the rigor of interviews. We want our interviews to convey all the elements of the job and our environment - both professional skills and cultural fit. This improves the likelihood of your success.

  2. Feedback is Moving Forward

    Our continuous feedback makes sure that we know who we're hiring. This improves our collective chances for success -- the firm's, the culture's and yours.

  3. Structure to Build On

    There's no caprice here. Candidates are assessed on their strategic strengths, their experiences and their cultural fit. Our process is rigorous.

  4. Our Commitment to DE&I Runs Deep

    Our firm and our success is built on talent. It's built on finding great people, developing them and helping them soar. We believe that when talent comes from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, we can provide the best advice for our clients.